All Points, Inc. Staff

Don Kuyper:

President of All Points, Inc. Don retired from the banking industry after spending over 30 years in Information Services area of the bank. Following retirement Don consulted with banks in the Midwest for about 3 years. Then, not knowing enough to truly retire he joined with Craig in January of 2000 to start All Points, Inc. His duties and position here fit his golf schedule very well.

Craig Kuyper:

V.P. of All Points, Inc. Craig has been in the transportation industry since he was a boy washing trucks at the age of 16. He started driving trucks at age 18 and has driven a variety of equipment from milk tankers to flatbeds. Prior to starting All Points in 2000 with his dad Don he was brokering freight for about 4 years. Craig has been married to Kathy a lot longer then not. They have three children all of them are grown and have left the nest. Kathy asks for your sympathy as she now has to deal with Craig by herself.

Norm Heyden:

Started with All Points in November of 2002 when he was evicted from the retirement home for bad behavior. Don and Craig felt it would be better to employ the old fellow rather then let him be a drain on society. Other people have felt the same way in the past as Norm has had an undetermined number of jobs. No one really knows how old he is because county records were not being kept that long ago. Saint Jean married Norm long ago even though she was half his age. I guess the saying is true; beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. Nobody to this day knows what she sees in Norm. All kidding aside Norm is a valued member of the All Points team.